Be-zay was born in Toronto, Canada on November 10th, 1976.

Growing up Allen had very little. He would find solace passing the time listening to the radio. He would engulf his self into all genera of music, but found a connection and could relate with musicians who had overcome childhood strife. This in turn influenced his passion to become a musician as well. He wanted to share the obstacles he had also faced in life.

While living on the streets, Allen did what he could to survive. His life changed when he found himself getting ready to become a father at the young age of 20. Due to this lifestyle change, he became dedicated to providing for his new family. He would work from 9 to 5 and sometimes would work nights. He did whatever he could to allow his family to have more than he did but regardless of his situation he never gave up his passion and dream for music.

During the year 2000, he was inspired to get serious with music. However once his family got bigger it seemed impossible to focus on being a professional artist. Now that his children are older and he has obtained more life experience, he is getting ready to commit to his artistry.



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